Saturday, May 24, 2008

2008 Delaware Marathon Report

A simple glance from my mom as I rounded the bend toward the 26th mile allowed me to understand that everything was alright. I had just walked a considerable amount of the last 6.2 miles and felt sad and disappointed. It was if though I had let the entire world down. The approving look on my mom’s face gave me the freedom to release the burden of my perceived failure. When I'm lost and insecure she builds me up and makes me sure
that everything will be alright. Yes I had failed but in her eyes I had accomplished something special. My main goal in my life has been to make my parents proud and if I’ve done that than I’ve been successful no matter what I may think.

In February I targeted the Delaware Marathon as a run that I wanted to race and race well. After resting the entire month of December I returned slowly to running in January. My thoughts were not of racing but instead I focused on training smart. In the last couple of years I have had some unpleasant injuries the effects of which have lingered for many months. I could attribute those injuries to my style of running, body structure or any other number of factors but ultimately the reason I’ve been hurt is because I have not trained smart. In order to counter this I planned out a strategy in which I would run slowly but efficiently to progress to the point where I would be prepared to run a marathon by mid-March, a fifty mile race by mid April and the Delaware Marathon in May.



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