Monday, May 19, 2008

Delaware Marathon

A friend asked me today how I felt about my performance this weekend at the Delaware Marathon. Below is my response:

Well to be honest I'm always satisfied with a finish but I am disappointed in how things transpired. I wasn't fully prepared and because of that I failed to meet my goal. This is why running can be frustrating because there are so many ups and downs. The only consolation for me is that I tend to focus on the ups which allows me to gain some satisfaction even in failure. That being said I have a decision to make. In order to get better I have to work harder and in order to do that I would have to sacrifice my time. I'm not sure that I want to go that route again but it's something that I have to think about. If I don't work harder then I have to learn to accept the fact I will not run at the level that I know I'm capable. However, over the last couple of years, my life has changed to a point where running at a high level is not the most important thing to me. Sharing my time with other people has taken priority and it will no doubt continue to gain momentum as my life progresses.

So I guess I have two answers to your question. Yes I am satisfied that I finished but no I'm not completely happy with my performance. I know that this may be hard to understand but I know that I can do better so if I accept anything less than I'm accepting mediocrity.

If I can find some time and get into the right frame of mind I will probably document my thoughts that I had before, during and after the race. I think when my head is back on straight I will be able to convey my feelings into words that all could understand.

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