Monday, April 16, 2007

Bull Run Run 50 Race Report

In the past I've relied upon many sources including my nieces, nephews, grandfather and God above to provide the motivation necessary to run ultramarathons. However in the race I was about to encounter I would have only my heart to rely upon because all of those sources of energy would be needed elsewhere.

The Monday before my race my Uncle underwent major surgery to repair an aneurysm that formed in his heart. As the day of my race approached he laid sleeping peacefully in a hospital bed as those surrounding him wondered when or if he would come too. My mother was very upset which in turn upset me. It was hard but I could not allow my mom to know how much her tears affected me. Instead of getting down and fearing the worst I urged her to support my uncle just as she had supported me while crewing for me in 100-mile races. The analogy fit because his fight was similar though the implications of failure were no where near the same. Her positive attitude and enthusiasm and never give up approach always helped me forge forward even in the worst of times and now she needed to do the same for her brother. The night before my race I wrote to my mom from my hotel room promising her my uncle would not die. I reminded her that he comes from a family of fighters and he would fight, fight and fight some more until he won the battle. My ability to overcome the challenges that present themselves in 100-mile races is not a unique trait but rather it is something I inherited. I was always taught by my family through words and more importantly experiences that there is no challenge too great to be overcome not even death itself. Read more here


Blogger Lisa B said...

Nice report, Dave. I'm gonna quote you on my blog...... Hope that's ok!


Your uncle and family are in my thoughts.

8:25 PM  
Blogger Bob Gentile said...

Hi Dave, First and most important I hope your uncle is doing better and recovering. God Bless him!

Great race report, Awesome job and geesh 23 out of 336 starters umm pretty dang impressive to a newbie like me :-) and even 10 years from now I am sure I still will be impressed--LOL
Dave Said:This year's theme was Mash so the volunteers dressed up as nurses and doctors and one even dressed as �Hot lips� Houlihan.
LOL ahh that is great!

Take care Dave & recovery well!

9:08 PM  

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