Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I’m throwing a bit of a curveball into my blog this week because running is currently not my dominant thought. In fact I doubt that running will ever again be as important to me as it once was. There are many things that motivate me and many things that occupy my thoughts. My blog is about motivation and feelings. Today I write about feelings.

I awoke the other day from a dream about the St. Bernard that I had as a child. When my eyes opened my heart was filled with a feeling that hasn’t been there in a long time. The St. Bernard, in particular, holds a special place in my heart because he was the very first that I raised from a puppy into adulthood by myself. There was something special about the bond that formed between my dog and I. Since my last dog died I seemed to have misplaced the feeling of joy that dogs bring to me. Things that I miss the most are the loyalty and forgiving nature that dogs exhibit. Their memories are short if they exist at all. It never mattered how I felt or what was going on in my life at the time my dog would make it all better just by looking into my eyes. It didn’t take months of courtship or sweet talk to gain my dog’s attention but rather just some loyalty on my part and I could count on his attention for what seemed like forever. There was no reason to be afraid or inhibited because there was trust. There were no worries about whether he thought I was attractive, smart or athletic because all that mattered was the bond between the two hearts. I was never left abandoned or alone nor was there fear that he would do so or that I would do so to him. It’s amazing that it takes people forever if at all to establish this kind of bond. I’ve spent my fair share of time alone but only recently have I felt the impact. After awaking from my dream the other day I realized that I never was truly alone until my dog’s death 3 years ago. While I actively seek to have people in my life dogs sure can fill the void when no one is there. The perfect friend whether a person or a dog is trusting, loyal, caring, and devoted. The bond between a person and his or her dog demonstrates these qualities perfectly and something I need to strive towards to be a good friend to other people.

Dave B.


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