Tuesday, March 20, 2007

2007 Shamrock Marathon Report

When I was a little guy the thing that I enjoyed the most was listening to Harry Kalas on the radio as he did the play by play for my favorite baseball team the Philadelphia Phillies. I could never sit back and relax though because my team always seemed to take it down to the wire. When the game progressed into the later innings I would begin to act out the game myself. It wasn�t uncommon for me to find one of those big supermarket balls lying around the house and pretend that I was Mike Schmidt or Greg Luzinkski. As I walloped the ball for what seemed like a million miles I had hoped that Schmidt or Luzinski would follow suit. I can remember distinctly two or three times over a several year period that it did indeed happen. I could not only hear the cheers of the fans in the stadium but I could feel the excitement churning inside the player�s body. It was a feeling that I yearned to have thus my desire to become actively involved in the sport. While I had my days in the sun I was never good enough to play beyond Little League ball so the cheers from fans in a big baseball stadium would never come. More.....


Blogger stephruns said...

I know you wanted a better time, but 3:09!!!!!! You were FLYING!!!!!! I am impressed. Funny how we pressure ourselves with times instead of just enjoying a race - i guess it's justt not only about fun!

Haha...checking the clock every hour - that could be me!!!!!!!

Congratulations Dave. You did wonderful.

6:00 PM  

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