Monday, August 18, 2008

Viaduct Trail 100 Race Report

Every year something prompts me to wonder if it’s time to move on to another arena to face a different challenge or to just observe, help and teach. I once felt like a machine focused on perfecting my ability while living in a funnel cloud where only few people are allowed to enter. A series of events occurred in 2006 that methodically broke through every inch of my inner being while cracking through that funnel cloud to force me to understand that it is much easier to let others in than to shut them out.

When I hurt my leg in 2006 I made a promise that I would recover and return stronger than ever. Things did not exactly play out to that script. The injury to my leg was never diagnosed or treated properly and because of that I still experience pain even today. The pain that I experience has never showed its ugly face in a race but it certainly limits the amount of time that I can train. My mind is still conditioned to give 100% but my body just can't do it anymore. I certainly will never renege on that promise that I made to myself two and a half years ago but I now realize that there are many definitions for the word strong. My body may be weaker but because I’ve rid myself of that pesky shyness that once dictated my life I am now a much stronger person all around.

A week prior to the race I came to a decision that I would not participate in the VTU. I came to this decision immediately after completing a story that I wrote about my experience as a Badwater crew person. When I read my own story about the suffering and inner struggles of my runner, myself and the others on the crew I went into deep thought and even a little depression. The question had to be why I would want to continue down this path of destruction. This question led to several others most of which I could not answer. I knew that if I couldn’t answer these simple questions than I had no business participating in this type of grueling event.



Friday, August 08, 2008

2008 Badwater Ultramarathon Crew Report

The story is very detailed and as such describes many of the emotions, thoughts and actions of those who provide support for a successful Badwater Ultramarathon runner. Prior to making any conclusions please keep in mind that not every emotion, thought and action could be shared. Part of the reason why I hesitated to publicize this story or any story about another person's race is because even the most minute detail that is left out can leave the reader with a flawed conclusion. I provide enough detail so that those who read will get a good understanding of the effort that it takes to crew a runner through Death Valley.

2008 Badwater Ultramarathon Crew Report