Friday, November 09, 2007

A secret to success

In a casual conversation I had today with a new sales rep servicing my area of responsibility I made mention of the fact that I run. She responded by saying "I would like to do that but I can't". I looked her straight in the eye and without hesitation I said you only can't because you believe you can't. I repeated the exact words she used in response to my comment about my running habits and afterwards she seemed flustered or maybe a better word would be amazed. She immediately realized that she was putting limits on what she could and could not do. She walked away after a short 10 minute conversation with me saying that she felt inspired. Mind you I never once went into detail about my history as a runner but instead focused on her own words that she used to describe her inability to run. The only thing that I did was to help her to understand that she can escape the narrow world she lives in by believing in herself. I have a secret as to how I am able to run but it's a secret that I am willing to reveal. Believe in yourself and never allow doubt to interrupt those feelings of belief. When you look into the mirror each day focus on the pretty smile instead of the big zit that is on your nose. Positive thoughts lead to a positive outcome. Visualize the best and you will receive the best. It has worked for me as runner and it is a work in progress for me in life but I can assure you that with a little effort it can work in every aspect of your life.

Take care,